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Timeless Color

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About Rachel

Rachel Nielson is an elopement and wedding photographer based in Utah, USA. She is a mom to 5 (including twins) and is married to her best friend. Her love of exploring new places and light is reflected in her work as couples stand together against breathtaking backdrops of mountains, coastlines and salt flats.

About Rachel’s AI Profile - 'Timeless Color'

Timeless color is all about consistency; beautiful skin tones and luminous edits in any light - whether that be backlight, direct light, flat light, or on/off-camera flash.  Creating a consistent, clean, timeless style is something Rachel has spent years perfecting. 


The white balance stays neutral and contrast is lowered to create an overall softness to the edit. Color saturation is fairly muted to add to this soft effect. The reduced yellows, greens, and aquas in the HSL panel are balanced with added saturation and adjustments in the calibration panel. The oranges and reds are also slightly reduced in the HSL panel while adding increased luminosity to enhance skin tones.

More photos by Rachel Nielsen

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ImagenAI is able to get my images about 85% of where they need to be. If they need any adjustment, I'm able to quickly do this to multiple images in the Library panel and then I am done! It’s also 1/5 of the cost that I was paying to outsource with even better results.

Rachel Nielsen