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About Fer

Hailing from Mexico, Fer Juaristi has always been creative at heart. Beginning in music as a drummer and then falling in love with photography. He approaches wedding photography with the aim to blur the personal and the artistic. As Fer experiments, he brings other photographers along for the journey with his educational content and workshops.

About Fer's AI Profile - 'Tierra'

Fer loves editing with a matte look where the difference between the darkest dark and the lightest light is subtle. Although the lifted black point results in a loss of shadow detail, the blacks are still gorgeously glossy rather than grayed. 

The punchy contrast is also achieved through these heavy blacks which will give your photos a finished look and it’s in the shadows where the texture and grain stands out.

He gets his earthy look through fern greens and oak browns. The bright peach hues and contrast help to pop any subjects in the frame so they feel almost 3-dimensional. Although blues are more muted, they don’t disappear and have a subtle teal hue.

More photos by Fer Juaristi

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“Fck me, ImagenAI has helped me so much with my editing process. Viva IMAGENAI!”

Fer Juaristi