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  Say goodbye to Lightroom presets!
The future of photo editing lies in Artificial Intelligence 

Yoav Chai | 3 min read

Two and a half years ago I had the good fortune of hiring a freelance photographer to document one of the happiest events of my life - my wedding day. As a hobby photographer myself, it took me a while to find someone whose work I could relate to. Working with him turned out to be a huge success on the day itself - and a nerve-wracking waiting game in the following weeks. 

When I called him a month later, I was truly worried that my wedding pictures were at least lost - if not worse. To my surprise, everything was okay, the photographer was just knee-deep into processing and editing our photos. Three months later - we finally got them.

"I was truly worried that my wedding pictures were at least lost - if not worse."

ImagenAI Co-founder Yoav Chai on his wedding day

Photo by Nitzan Gur

My background in artificial intelligence and this whole process got me thinking, “does it really take that long for photographers to provide such an integral part of their service”? As a photographer yourself, you know that the answer to this question is “yes”. But why should it be this way in 2021?


If there’s a hidden opportunity in every obstacle,
that’s when it hit me - it’s time to revolutionize the way photographers work, and let you focus on the things that really matter. 


So what are the options available nowadays in the market? For some reason, most professionals still have to compromise at some point of the process: you either do it yourself, keep your photo editing signature style and lose precious time, or you rely on outsourcing to services that are expensive, inconsistent, time-consuming and require teaching how to reflect your personal style. 


Another common option is using commercial presets that apply a specific style to your entire photo catalog. Whether you have used them before or thinking of getting into it, the bad news is: Lightroom presets are already a thing of the past. It will definitely get you started, but will still cost you a massive amount of hours to go over each photo and find your unique editing, based on the photo characteristics and lighting conditions.

Photo by Yosef Huri | Edited by ImagenAI

Either way you look at it, you’re actually spending way too much time on editing your photos - with or without Lightroom presets - instead of doing what you really love, or spending time with your loved ones. Don’t you think it’s time to leverage your photography business to the next level and deliver faster than ever, without compromising on your deliverables’ quality and unique voice?


In 2021, your customers are not only looking for your perspective on the world, but also for precision in every single frame - and in the shortest time available. 

"it’s time to leverage your photography business to the next level and deliver faster than ever..."

The future of photo editing is AI-based - and it’s time for you to jump on this wagon, and reserve your business’ spot in it. What if we told you that you can have the best, most efficient photo editing assistant in the world, but it’s actually you - in AI?


With AI-powered photo processing, you get what you always dreamed of: a personalized Lightroom editing assistant, at a fraction of the cost and time. Forget about spending hours on each project - ImagenAI is able of processing a thousand photos in less than 20 minutes, so all you’ll have to do is go over the results, and if needed, give it one last touch to perfect it. 

This will allow you to focus on the creative side of photo editing, rather than repeating the same tedious process for correcting each photo. According to our users, this process reduces their editing time by up to 75%!

Photo by Mor Elnekave | Edited by ImagenAI

Our advanced engines are trained to continuously learn your signature style from your edits, and apply it individually to every photo you want to edit - and unlike Lightroom presets, we predict your unique style of editing and different preferences for each one, so you can have outputs faster than ever. We don’t stop there - as your point of view as a photographer develops, your new AI-assistant grows too. The more editing examples your AI assistant learns from - the more accurate it could mimic your unique style. 


Interested in learning from the best, and start immediately? We created our premium, top curated ImagenAI TALENTS service, where you can choose from multiple AI-based profiles of our chosen professionals, and see how they would have edited your photos in a matter of seconds.


Want to try it for yourself? Let us help you prioritize the part of your business that you enjoy the most, and consequently - you’ll be able to have more time for new, profitable opportunities, find a better work-life balance, and fall in love with your passion and profession all over again and on a daily basis. 

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  Say goodbye to Lightroom presets!

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