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Natural Feels

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About John

John’s wife has deemed him a “cuddle bear” or to better put it “king of the cuddle cubs.” Those cubs are his 5 children and their kingdom is in North Carolina. John’s core motivator is to support others. This is why he was drawn to wedding photography and it is also why he is continuously on the lookout for the best tools that he can share with other photographers.

About John’s AI Profile - 'Natural Feels'

De-saturated lime greens and pastel blues pair harmoniously against richer reds. The cool overtones help to mute the yellows and most skin tones lean towards magenta.

Highlights are pulled down giving room for higher exposure without blowing everything out. Whites remain crisp and shadows tend to be lifted adding a contrasted yet even look. The lifted shadows and no added texture also helps to compliment close-up portraits. 

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This has shown me just how precious time can be! I have been able to hang out more with my beautiful family and create more content whilst accelerating my turnaround time for clients!

John Branch IV