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About Charmi

Charmi is an Indian American, based in New Jersey. Living with her husband Patrick and two kids, Viru and Jai. The weddings Charmi shoots are paced quickly and are full of organized chaos - just like her mind, but they also force her to slow down.


As a fan of power tools, she likes to do home improvements in her spare time. She is also a big fan of her mom’s pani puri and recommends everyone finds a placeto try this traditional Indian street food snack.

About Charmi's AI Profile - 'Cinematic Luxury'

Cinematic Luxury is 16 years in the making of tweaking. Hue, color and saturation are top priority parameters for Charmi as she photographs a huge variation of skin tones and wants to ensure that they don’t ever take on an orange or gray hue. Instead, reds and oranges lean towards magenta. Muted whites also help to also soften transitions in skin tones.  


There is a balance in tone and contrast achieved through curve vs contrast control. Although this gives photos a soft and delicate aesthetic, the colors still manage to feel rich taking on the sheen of gemstones. 

A lot of dynamic range is retained which helps to preserve detail in every color and gives the profile a cinematic feel. Cooler tones help to pull back the yellows and keep greens natural and slightly de-saturated. 

More photos by Charmi Patel-Pena

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“In 2021 I photographed 27 multi day Indian weddings in 22 weeks. My survival is due to Imagen. I put the morning half of the wedding through Imagen while I ate lunch and before I went back to reception, it would be done. I would MARVEL at how little I had to adjust.”

Charmi Patel-Pena