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What is ImagenAI?

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Your personalized photo editing assistant

AI-powered photo editing desktop app for Adobe Lightroom Classic  workflows.

1,000 free AI edits  included,
No credit card needed! 

What people say

Sam Hurd - ImagenAI Customer

"Table your doubts and embrace a modern and efficient workflow enabled by AI.
ImagenAI creates a stunningly consistent starting point across your entire collection of images, which allows for you to immediately start on the more nuanced aspects of your edits"

Sam Hurd / Owner at Sam Hurd Photography

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Your talent, powered by AI

ImagenAI never stops learning every parameter of your personal editing style.

Now you can use your unique point of view easily and quickly on your entire Adobe Lightroom catalogs.

This is the future of photo editing.


Edits generated per month


Unique profiles generated


Client satisfaction 


Productivity boost

1 Second

Average edit time per image

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An Important question first!

Do you have more than 5k edited photos available in LR catalogs?



Create your own
creator profile

Try our talents editing profiles

You can switch between  TALENTS and CREATOR plans at any time

How does it work?

ImagenAI software integrates directly with Adobe Lightroom to apply these styles individually to each photo, and within seconds, achieves a stunning result based on the profile you chose.



5K or more edited photos to your AI CREATOR profile


a profile to apply your style to new batches of photos


your AI-edited photos in Lightroom and re-train your profile



your favorite style from our TALENTS gallery


your chosen profile to your uploaded photos


the AI-edited photos in Lightroom


Pay per use
min. $7 / month


Pay per use


per photo
from 1,001-5,000
AI color corrections / month 

Cropping is available for an extra 1¢ per image.

Straightening is available for an extra 1¢ per image.

Minimal monthly payment, per profile

The minimum monthly payment for maintaining each profile is $7.

If the monthly usage is lower than that, the difference will be charged and used as credit for future edits.

  • Don't worry, you can cancel your subscription at any time!

  • You can switch between CREATOR and TALENT at any time.

    All prices are in USD.

Cropping is available for an extra 1¢ per image.

Straightening is available for an extra 1¢ per image.

  • Don't worry, you can cancel your subscription at any time!

    You can switch between TALENT and CREATOR at any time.

  • All prices are in USD.


per photo
from 5,001-10,000
AI color corrections / month

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per photo
from 1-1,000
AI color corrections / month 


Save time, save money & deliver faster

Earn higher profits with our groundbreaking speeds and industry-leading rates and deliver photos to your clients faster than ever before.


ImagenAI supports

ImagenAI Edits Photo White Balance


temperature; tint

ImagenAI Edits Photo Tone


exposure; contrast; highlights; shadows; whites; blacks

ImagenAI Edits Photo Presence


clarity; vibrance; saturation; texture; dehaze

ImagenAI Edits Photo Color


all colors hue; saturation; luminance

ImagenAI Edits Photo Crop

Advanced Options

straighten; crop






Real Estate






Start at an advanced point in your Lightroom tasks

Through neural networks, ImagenAI takes pre-edited photos, parameters, and metadata from catalogs and generates a profile that is unique to each editor and photographer.

This unique profile will predict the right labels that are applied to each photo, instantly.  

Adobe Lightroom presets | ImagenAI

Preserve your unique style in every project

AI-driven profiles are fine-tuned and constantly kept accurate, reflecting the evolution of each photographer and editor's unique style.

Original Vs.  four different unique AI profiles

Your workflow, 

We value your privacy and understand that your materials are yours - and yours only.

Your photos or profile will not be shared with anyone without your consent. 

Using our highly secure cloud servers, your data will be stored according to the highest security standards, enabling you to scale your photography business with peace of mind.

Photo Editing with AI

What photographers say about ImagenAI

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